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83 Days The Movie (Producer)

White Snake Documentary (Producer)

Harlem Roots Children's series (Producer)

Lions, Tigers and Bears (Animal Sanctuary)

Women's Museum of California

Catherine Schreiber Productions (Broadway Producer)

Harlem-Opoly Board Game

Valentina Castellani Quinn (Quinn Studios)

Katarina Van Derham (VIVA GLAM Magazine, Actress, CEO)

Dr. Wendy Hill PHD.

Antoinette Abbamonte (Actress)

Derek Gores (Artist)

Angelique Fawcett "Unbelievable the Movie" (Director,EP)

James Arthur Ray (Self Help Guru)​

Lecoanet Hemant (Fashion Designers)

Ally Loprete (Author and TV Host)

Trend Prive Magazine 

Katie Cleary (America's Top Model)

Anicia Bragg (Columnist)

A Penny For Your Thoughts: A Survival Game for Adults and Kids

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